Sunday, 16 September 2012

Read Bingo's Story: Please help

Hi Every one,

Meet Bingo.

 He is 8 months old and was surrendered to a vet clinic today. He had broken his front paw back in the beginning of July. The owners only sought help from the vet because the humane society had gotten involved.  His owners were reported due to  Bingo’s condition to the humane society.

 The vet had splinted his foot (as is regular procedure for this type of break), but the owners failed to take care of it properly. When he was at the clinic today the owners were told that they could be looking at surgery or amputation for his foot as it hasn’t healed properly. They decided that they would have him euthanized instead. The vet convinced them to surrender Bingo to the clinic.  

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue will take him because he is a great dog and deserves proper care and a chance at life.

  The ladies at the vet clinic had already gone out and bought him a collar (he came in with baler twine for a collar and leash).  Bingo has very dry skin, hair and is itchy. This is due in part to a flea infestation and poor nutrition.  He is being treated for that. He will need surgery and we are hoping that we can raise the money for his surgery through generous donations from all the wonderful dog lovers out there.

   He is an amazing little guy. I can’t believe what a great disposition he has considering he has been in agony for the past 2 months. He is affectionate, friendly to everyone: people, canine or feline and super cute. There was no way JRTRO couldn’t help him.

 We are unsure of what his future holds for him but we are going to try to help him keep his leg and his great spirit. 

 Hoping to bring him to Paris next weekend for the Jack Russell Trials at the Paris fairgrounds so everyone can have the pleasure of meeting him.

He was so well loved he doesn’t even know his name. How sad.

We are accepting any donations towards Bingo’s vetting 

There are many ways to donate:By cheque:

Mail cheques payable to JRTRO to the following address:

Linda Klan, JRTRO Finance
2 Withrow Avenue, Unit 2

Write "Bingo Fundraiser" in the memo line. To receive a tax receipt please ensure that your full name and address is included with your cheque.

By e-transfer:

Please send e-transfer to:

By credit card:
Go to the Helping Homeless Pets website:

At the top right hand corner of their home page is a DONATE button. Click this and you will be given a choice of making your donation by credit card or by cheque. If you would like to send a cheque, please mail it directly to JRTRO, see above.

If you would like to pay by credit card, click on Donate Now over the Credit Card option:

At the donation screen, enter the amount you wish to donate AND be sure to enter Jack Russell Terrier Rescue in the Fund/Designation field.

You can use the comments section for additional information such as "Bingo fundraiser" and there is an option to make a gift .

After you fill in the form, click on the continue button to enter the credit card information and complete the donation. If you have any questions contact Ursula Meyer at
Bingo Thanks You!!


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