Sunday, 9 September 2012

Feeding home cooked dog food

Good Evening,
 Some commercial foods are really poor nutrition for pets and cause allergies and other health problems.
One of the best ways to keep dogs healthy is to feed home cooked dog food. My mom makes vegetarian food and supplements with Vitamin B. Or a multivite because veg diets lack b vitamins and so must supplement  (People must supplement too if they are veg). We are all healthy and dive into the food and look for more.
 She uses barley or brown rice as a base, adds lentils, split peas, and tofu or soy crumbles as protein. Any vegetables are fair game especially squash, carrots, potatoes. Never give dogs grapes, onions or raisins! And everyone knows chocolate and caffeine are no no's for dogs.
Add some low sodium bouillon cubes, olive oil , apples or blueberries if you have some left over and put it all in the crock pot with about 8 cups water. Let it simmer on low setting for several hours and you have the best dog food and the house smells great while it is cooking.
 We have been on this diet for 4 years and we are doing very well. Vet approved!
 I used to have allergies and Melly had kidney failure but she has been hale and hearty for 4 years and is now 18 with no problems. Our teeth are in good shape too .
We get Natural Balance vegetarian food if Mom skips cooking for a few days. So consider doing this for your furkids. They will thank you and you will be thrilled with how inexpensive it is and how healthy and happy your dogs will be.

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