Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Introduction to Augie's Blog

My name is Augie and I am a 14 year old Westie Bichon cross. This is my first posting on my brand new blog. I am a wise old soul and thought I would share my years of learning with those of you who love animals. I will share health tips, training tips, how to find the perfect companion pet ( through rescue, of course!) research on animal welfare and suggestions for great publications on animals.
So why am I doing this now? My mom and her friend have a dog rescue and I would very much like to do my part in helping homeless pets and pets in general stay happy and healthy. So, along with my mom and the volunteers at Rescue Dogs Match I will be posting general tips about the well being of pets - dogs in particlar since that is my area of expertise. I do know a little about cats too.
 About my Mom.
She loves animals and has worked hard to help homeless pets find safe and loving homes for many years . Three of my siblings are rescue dogs. So we walk the walk.
With the beginning of the new dog rescue Mom and her friend Brenda have taken rescue activity to a whole new level. I am very pleased that I can contribute, so watch for my advice postings and many other companion animal related posts. From time to time my mom will help me with the posts.
We are so looking forward to sharing stories and information with you. I would suggest you visit Mom and Brenda's web site at www.rescuedogsmatch.com



  1. Very nice. I look forward to much more with Augie and his Rescue Buddies.

  2. Hello Augie,

    Please tell your mama that I am thankful for people like her! We have adopted all our fur babies from a boxer rescue. Any pets that will become part of our family in the future will also come from a rescue :)

    Tummy rubs for you!!


  3. Hello, I was sent here from Wicked Faerie Queen's blog. Over the years we have had five cats and four dogs, and every one of them has come from a rescue centre here in England. We've taken on youngsters and golden oldies and they are all/have been a delight. Yes, it sometimes takes a lot of patience to begin with, but the rewards are well worth it.

  4. I have heard so much about you from Sue. It is a pleasure to meet you and welcome you to blogging. Hugs, Mina