Thursday, 7 June 2012

Interview with the Rescue Dogs Match Co founder FAQs

Tonight I am going to address some of the  Frequently Asked Questions of the ladies that started Rescue Dogs Match, Brenda and Jan. Jan will answer the questions tonight. If we don’t answer a question and you would like to know more please comment on the blog and I will be pleased to answer.
How did you and Brenda decide to start the Rescue?

After helping other rescues for several years and wanting to help all pets we decided to create our own rescue - non breed specific. And not just dogs but cats and any pet in need. We will not turn away any pet in need.

What does it mean to you?

It is a lot of work but so rewarding when you know the life of a homeless pet is saved and we meet people along the way that inspire and encourage us. We have wonderful volunteers and our adoptive families are just the best
How many dogs have you placed for adoption?

Since January when we officially got our name and started doing rescue under Rescue Dogs Match we have placed more than 15 dogs- including some for other rescues and 5 kittens. We need funds and fosters to do more and be ready for the emergencies that inevitably happen- such a sick or injured pet.
Do you have many volunteers?

Not enough! At present we have 6 or 7 with various availability but more are always needed. Volunteers and fosters are the heartbeat of a rescue. We cannot do it without them. Most work and so hours are limited but we need help with transport, vet appointments delivering food to fosters, fundraisers, administrative work- you get the picture.

Is it hard to get donations for a Dog Rescue?

Donations are hard to get in the beginning until we are better known and have more fundraisers. It takes time to get the websites, blogs, email accounts and networking with others established in order to be known to a larger audience- and we all work full time so this work all happens in our spare time.

Where do the dogs and cats come from that you rehome?

Most are strays from the pounds. Some are owner surrenders for various reasons. Circumstances change- sometimes people can no longer take care of a pet due to owner sickness, job loss, death of an owner.

Are the dogs in a kennel?

Our pets are all in foster care. We have no physical building to house the pets.

How do you know your rescues go to good homes?

We screen all of our volunteers, foster homes and potential adoptive homes to be sure the pets are in safe loving environments. Most of our animals have been through rough times and we must ensure they are safe in permanent good homes. That being said, should something go wrong our adoption agreement states that we take the dog back if there is any reason the new owner cannot keep the dog for any reason and no matter how long ago the adoption.

Augie: Well that's all for now Jan.

Jan: Thanks Augie- great talking to you - spread the word - we have a few puppies we are helping  to locate homes and our Boxer mix that is coming into foster this weekend.

Augie: I am proud to be your dog ,Mom, and help all the needy pets we can get grrrrreat homes. Till the next time, this is Augie signing off.


  1. Fabulous interview! Jan and Brenda are a couple of wonderful ladies, real angels. I am going to spread the word.

    As someone who has been fortunate enough to have adopted 2 of the wonderful rescues from RESCUE DOGS MATCH I can tell you that these two ladies bring a lot of happiness into the lives of not just the dogs but the new families the animals join.

    Thank you Brenda & Jan
    Rufus & Daisy

  2. Hi, over from Wicked Fairy's blog. What a wonderful program. Hooray for your creativeness and compassion. I am now a follower and will blog about your site and put up the button for WF's giveaway. Good luck dear sistas from Kentucky.

  3. This is such important work! We recently adopted a Great Pyrenees which had been shot and require nearly $2000 worth of surgery to repair his shattered leg. Fortunately a number of people donated to the cause (on Facebook) so we didn't have to foot the entire bill. We adore him and can't imagine life without him now. Here is his story and some pictures: