Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hot dogs

Augie here. I have been away for a few days.
 I thought I should remind everyone about hot dogs. In this heat a car can heat up rapidly. There is no safe time limit to leave a dog in the car in warm weather. There have been several deaths in the news in the last two weeks from just such carelessness by guardians.
So we know how hot the car can get and we know that dogs die from exposure to heat in a car or even being left outside in the sun with no water.
 The question is- you are walking along the street and you see a dog in the car in the heat. call the police. not 911 unless the dog appears near death. Call the police number or get someone to do it. Give the location and description of the car and license number. Stay near by. The car owner will be angry if they return and find you have reported them so no need to confront.
 The police will come and the owner will be charged. Breaking windows could lead to the dog attacking you or you being charged with damaging property.
 Make it clear when you call that the dog is in distress.
After all these warnings it amazed me guardians still do this. Leave your dog at home in a cool spot. This is a no brainer. Even I know that and I am a DOG!
 Talk to you soon.

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  1. A police officer left two German Shepherds to die in a police vehicle here in the UK last year. You would have thought he would have had more sense. His stupidity cost him his job. As you say this is a no brainer.