Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good Morning,
I got to thinking about all the people that would love to have a pet but cannot afford the spay neuter or vet care. lets face it - vet care is very expensive.
There is a low cost spay neuter vaccination program at the Ontario SPCA located in Newmarket. on 16586 Woodbine Avenue and one in Barrie on 91 Patterson Rd Barrie ON.
 It is a little hard to make and appointment - they only man the phones on certain days of the week and only for short periods of time so if you call 905 898 6112 for Newmarket or 705 734 9882 for Barrie between 8 and 6 they will tell you hours of operation for appointments and how to get your pet an appointment. The cost is very reasonable and well worth the trip.
The web site is Here there is more information on the pre operative care and post operative care.
 These clinics are open to anyone regardless of geography or income. There is another site being built but not sure of exact location in the GTA.
So get those spay neuters done. We need to stop the birth of unwanted pets because all pets should be wanted and loved.
As soon as I know where and when the next OSPCA low cost clinic is located and open I will be sure to let you know.

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