Thursday, 14 June 2012

Good morning,
 I have been away for a few days. Lots of gardening to do in this lovely weather. Mom and I have moved on from Rescue Dogs Match. We wish them well as they work to save homeless pets. We will be working with another rescue TBA. Stay tuned. Some of the topics I would  like to cover over the next weeks are:
  • First aid for pets - what should be in a first aid kit and what should not
  • Dietary issues - and some great recipes! Safe foods and unsafe foods
  • Summer safety
  • Story of Max and Scout
  • Story of Caramel (Mellie)
  • Planning for pets in time of owner adversity- illness, death, job loss- should you relinquish and how
  • Integrating a new or rescue dog into your family
  • Your elderly dog
  • Where to get pet health care on a budget and for low income families
  • Dental Care 
          and more......

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