Monday, 6 August 2012

Good Morning,
 I hope all are enjoying this fine Civic Holiday Weekend.
Yesterday I helped my mom with transporting 2 foster doggies to their foster moms. Two lovely Jack Russell Terriers are now safe and in foster care waiting adoption.
A new JRT is coming in on Tuesday. Her name is Cricket. She will be available for adoption once she sees the vet and we know all is well. She is 4 and cute as..... well a cricket.
Maddie and Nina the other two are also cute little girls. See these and the other JRTs waiting for homes on petfinder Go see their pictures. Read the story of Liitle Jack a senior JRT found lost in the middle of a busy street! My goodness!
Please go on the Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Ontario web site to see Maddie and Nina and other great JRTs. Cricket will be there end of next week. Copy these links into your address bar to go to the website.
It is said that "money can't buy you love, everybody tell me so"  but those people have never known the love of a pet. Especially a JRT
Augie and Mom (Jan)

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